Critical Thinking@FSU

Since it’s founding in 1851, Florida State University has prepared graduates to succeed in their chosen field. One of the foundational elements of FSU’s academic history is developing critical thinkers. What started at the State Seminary West of the Suwannee River and carried on through both Florida State College and Florida State College for Women continues in full force at Florida State University today.

Whether a student’s hopes to become a biologist, a violinist, a social worker, an author or an accountant, they have to be able to:

  • Explain issue/problem clearly and comprehensively
  • Select and use evidence/information effectively in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the issue/problem
  • Analyze context, assumptions and perspectives when presenting a position on an issue/problem
  • Formulate a thesis/hypothesis that takes into account the complexity of an issue/problem and the variety of perspectives on this issue
  • Draw logical conclusions and implications from the analysis of an issue/problem

The Office of Critical Thinking Initiatives works with faculty to bring these important skills to the classrooms in Tallahassee, Panama City, Florida and Panama City, Panama.

I invite you to review these pages to learn what FSU is accomplishing and to contact us to develop partnerships that will enable us to build on our heritage.

The Office of Critical Thinking Initiatives
Challenging Students to Think Better

YouTube Channel

Florida State University has its own YouTube Channel dedicated to critical thinking. Here you will find talks by faculty, administrators, guests and others presented on the FSU campus.
Florida State on YouTube

Project Profiles

Faculty from around FSU’s campus have created interesting projects to enhance critical thinking among their students.
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