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Critical Thinking Initiatives Advisory Board

When Florida State University adopted critical thinking as its Quality Enhancement Plan, one thing it committed to was to have an inclusive and transparent process. The Office of Critical Thinking Initiatives is committed to those ideals. The following individuals serve on the Critical Thinking Initiatives which is the guiding body for the office and its projects.

  • Tony Archer, University Communications
  • Rick Burnette, Institutional Research
  • Gloria Colvin, University Libraries
  • Ruth Feiock, Program and Planning
  • Lois Hawkes, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Myrna Hoover, Career Center
  • James Hunt, Student Affairs
  • Laurie Molina, Critical Thinking Initiatives
  • Kayce Morton, Institutional Effectiveness
  • Matthew Shaftel, Academic Affairs
  • Ashlegh Anderson, Student
  • Marlo Ransdell, Interior Design
  • Valerie Shallow, Student