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At Florida State University, we believe that critical thinking has five components:

  • Explaining the issue/problem clearly and comprehensively
  • Selecting and using evidence/information effectively in conducting a comprehensive analysis of the issue/problem
  • Analyzing context, assumptions and perspectives when presenting a position on an issue/problem
  • Formulating a thesis/hypothesis that takes into account the complexity of an issue/problem and the variety of perspectives on this issue
  • Drawing logical conclusions and implications from the analysis of an issue/problem

The Office of Critical Thinking Initiatives was launched in 2014 to further the development of critical thinking among our students by helping them enhance the above skills. The charge originates from our Quality Enhancement Plan Think FSU: Improving Critical Thinking in the Disciplines, but reflects an institution-wide belief in the importance of critical thinking to our graduates and the positive impact it can have on society as a whole. In December 2014, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges accepted our plan. Since September 2014, we have been moving forward with initiatives to help us meet our goal of preparing critical thinkers for success in the world.

Challenging Students to Think Better!